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"B. Christopher's music has a great vibe...check out his beautiful tone and cool touch!"
                  - Nathan East

"The best player I've seen since Stevie Ray Vaughan"
                - Steve Kennedy, VP of Sales & Marketing, Sony Music

"B. Christopher is a master musician and composer"
                    - Jack Douglas, Producer of Miles Davis, Aerosmith, The Who, and John Lennon

"For Blues/Jazz fans and people who like to marvel at guitar genius, this is worth a look"
                    - The Advocate, Alberta, Canada

"B. Christopher inspires, and his music touches your soul. His album, "Two Rivers Back" is a refreshing treasure for the Blues"
                    - Michael Powers

"B. Christopher’s songs are always based around a killer groove, which of course inspires me as a bassist. Add to that, his smooth , melodic guitar playing and you have some very enjoyable music to listen to...and PLAY!"
                     - Stu Hamm

“ A really impressive piece of music, which will leave any serious music connoisseur speechless. This is a great album, where we can hear an impressive guitar, but also a complete musical whole that has a head and a tail and to which The B. Christopher Band in their own special way give a whole new and slightly different "blue" dimension to surf music.”


Already renowned as a studio player extraordinaire, with over 20,000 track placements on TV shows on pretty much every network you could name, you won’t be surprised by B. Christopher’s versatility and casual mastery of the guitar."
              - Tom O’Connor, Rock and Blues Muse

"His 17 years of studio work since breaking into television with “All My Children” may not have made him a household name, but he is an outstanding guitar player, songwriter and band leader."
                    - Steve Jones,

"This band is so unbelievably tight and versed in the blues, it pours out on Late Night Crying. The song drips with pure emotion slathered on every note".

                  -Phillip Smith

This record not only has a pulse, it has claws and teeth. The band was handpicked to lay down a pocket so deep you can't see the bottom. It is dirty and murky, the way that all great blues is. There is as much rust as there is chrome on this record. It is the contrast that tells the story that we call blues music, and this album tells a great story.

                  -Radio Guitar One

 B. Christopher's imaginative playing impresses both technically and creatively.."
                    - Willie Witten,

"Two Rivers Back is a more than recommended recording with not a single bad note on it".

                -Vicente Zumel

Snapshots From The Second Floor is an outstanding album in all aspects...An album endowed with great elegance to listen to and enjoy over and over again, slowly but surely.

                     -Vicente Zumel


I wasn't sure what to expect at first. A prolific TV musical personality making a blues album? Well, it worked out just fine. B. Christopher wrote every song and nails each and every one of them with solid performances by he and his band mates.  Alternating instrumentals and vocal pieces, we get to see what Christopher can do and it’s all damn good. I enjoyed this album and I think all blues fans will too!

                   -Steve Jones

"Blues with a good dose of harmonica and fierce slide guitar.... Snapshots From The Second Floor is an excellent album"

                    -Eric Campfens


Snapshots From The Second Floor is an excellent album in every way with musical references and similarities from legendary guitarists like Mike Bloomfield or Roy Buchanan.


B. Christopher is a fierce and sophisticated guitarist who all guitar aficionados should be listening to. You’re going to love what you hear.

                    - Mike O'Cull

            Rock And Blues Muse

I already regret never having heard B. Christopher's previous albums because the material on his new album "Snapshots From The Second Floor" is unparalleled!

                    - Peter Marinus


Snapshots From The Second Floor, by The B. Christopher Band and is a hot one!

            - Bman's Blues

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