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"B. Christopher is a master musician and composer"
                    - Jack Douglas, Producer of Miles Davis,                          Aerosmith, The Who, and John Lennon

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"Two Rivers Back" Album Reviews

"B. Christopher's music has a great vibe...check out his beautiful tone and cool touch!"
                  - Nathan East

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"B. Christopher’s songs are always based around a killer groove, which of course inspires me as a bassist. Add to that, his smooth , melodic guitar playing and you have some very enjoyable music to listen to...and PLAY!"
                     - Stu Hamm

 Seymour Duncan Artist Page

"His 17 years of studio work since breaking into television with “All My Children” may not have made him a household name, but he is an outstanding guitar player, songwriter and band leader."
                    - Steve Jones,

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The B. Christopher Band

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D'Addario Artist Page

"B. Christopher inspires, and his music touches your soul. His album, "Two Rivers Back" is a refreshing treasure for the Blues"
                    - Michael Powers

"Two Rivers Back" 


"Already renowned as a studio player extraordinaire, with over 20,000 track placements on TV shows on pretty much every network you could name, you won’t be surprised by B. Christopher’s versatility and casual mastery of the guitar."
                    - Tom O’Connor, Rock and Blues Muse

"(The B. Christopher Band's)  imaginative playing impresses both technically and creatively.."
                    - Willie Witten,

"For Blues/Jazz fans and people who like to marvel at guitar genius, this is worth a look"
                    - The Advocate, Alberta, Canada



"The best player I've seen since Stevie Ray Vaughan"
                - Steve Kennedy, VP of Sales & Marketing ,                        Sony Music


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B. Christopher, like most composers, is not a household name. However, if you own a television, you have probably heard his music. With over 3,000 placements annually, on virtually every channel, it would be difficult not to hear his work. 

Like most studio musicians, his time is consumed recording. That is not to say he is a stranger to the stage. He toured extensively throughout North America for twenty years. While on a break from the road in 2002, he was contacted by the music director of ABC's "All My Children" looking for blues music. According to Christopher, "it was just the right place at the right time." As the opportunities continued to grow in the studio, it became clear that the focus needed to move strictly to recording. Inevitably, the hundreds of sessions would evolve into albums.

The balance between melody, technique, composition and improvisation is not an easy one to strike. But when listening to Christopher, one would think otherwise. With an innate sense of melody, his musical offerings are sure to please even the most discerning palate. It is these qualities that helped attract some of the biggest studio musicians in the business to his work.

Names like Nathan East, Anton Fig, Gerald Albright, Shawn Pelton, Michael Powers, Andy Snitzer, Stu Hamm, Kenny Aronoff, Bruce Katz, and Jerry Portnoy have all lent their talents to his recordings.  

It's been a steady evolution from the smoky blues clubs that shaped the soul of an extraordinary player into the polished session musician we hear today. In a world filled with talented musicians, there are a rare few that stand apart from the rest. For an artist to honestly tell their story, technical prowess is not enough. The real story is in the soul and conviction with which one tells it with. Christopher is one of the rare few that delivers the complete package.

The B. Christopher Band 

“Two Rivers Back” was born from television session work. Thirteen tracks that move seamlessly from Delta Blues to Contemporary Blues. Seven vocal tracks and six instrumentals showcase a power house band featuring Nathan East, Jerry Portnoy, Bruce Katz, Anton Fig, Shawn Pelton, Stu Hamm, Andy Snitzer, E.J “Moose” Boles, Eric Collier, Kent Smith, Eddie Testa and Michael Powers. At the helm is guitarist, songwriter and executive producer is B. Christopher. 

It was recorded in multiple studios in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the legendary Duke Robillard’s studio in Rhode Island.  It’s not often that a record comes along with so many “A List” artists contributing to it. A recording that captures the depth and maturity of some of the best. Give it a listen and find out what the television networks have known for years about this artist, his music and his ability to bring together a band of the busiest high profile sidemen in the business.